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Covet Fashion Hack

Cheats that make game interesting Use Online Generator

Unlimited Diamonds

Due to the new discovered bug in the game, we are able to add you almost unlimited amount of diamonds instantly.

Unlimited Dollars

Even though you can get dollars for unlimited diamonds, we still provide you with an option to generate even more dollars here. How cool is that!

Anti-ban protection

That’s a no brainer, however other covet fashion hacks that you can find online, lacks this feature. How good is the game if you’re banned?


People showing us the videos how diamonds were easily added to their account, after using our online cheat. Look at the numbers, it’s millions of them, so you can buy all the dress, jewerly, and anything you want. You’ll be the most beautiful Covet chick in town!

We have made this cheat (for Covet Fashion) to work with any OS, including iOS, Android, and even Facebook. Many of you were sending us messages to provide version tha twould work even without internet, so the users could download .apk files, and have it installed on devices. Well, it so happens that we cannot do that and still promise you a 100% anti-ban solution. You should be better use only online Covet Fashion cheat program on our website, as it’s the best way to safely get any desired amount of your diamonds (or dollars). Nobody cares for our users than us – we do implement Secure Socet Layer (also known as SSL) protocol, so nothing would be exposed to bad guys trying to catch some info. No risk at all. As of version 9.44, we are now providing another option to fund your friends accounts. So after you’re done with yours, simply go ahead and add resources to your buddies, they will be so happy! Our team works many hours a week just to maintain this website, as it requires lots of attention (gets so much traffic). Please stay with us if you see any technical difficulties, and simply try again if it doesn’t work at the first time.

The team behind this hack managed to create 100% undetectable cheat for Covet Fashion, so no risk ever to be banned!

Short Instructions:

1. Come to our website any time when you need more resources.
2. Click on USE GENERATOR.
3. Enter your stuff there (usually username is enough)
4. With the sliders, select as many resources as you want.
5. Press Generate, and wait 🙂
6. After few seconds, hack will be connected to the game database and will be ready to inject packets.
7. If many users there at the moment, you might see a human verification popup. Please, complete short survey there.
8. You’ll see another popup saying that packets were injected successfuly, and you can now enjoy the game.
9. Start the game on your device, and check the diamonds balance. Yay!!

Targeted OS: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Facebook

Supported Operating Systems: Windows, MAC

Mobile Devices: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry

p.s. few more details regarding 7 step (many of you are inquiring). This stuff helps us avoid abuse of the cheat, and prevents spam. At the same time, we get a little comiisiong as well, so it’s win-win for all of us. Please, simply complete the easiest offer you see there, and you’ll get what you want. In case you are trying to add resources for your friends, you might have to du human verif. again. Sorry about that, but it’s just the way it works.

I was struggling with diamonds everyday, and didn’t want to pay the prices in cashshop (which is ridiculous!). So happy that I have found this cheat.


Thanks to the whole team of Covet Fashion cheats! I was having some troubles but Eric fixed it all. Thank you so much!


All good. Thanks guys. 99999 diamonds will help me for sure.